dried flower candle making workshop


2 hours

group size

up to 4 people

The instruction and small snack will be given, and you will be making 2 container candles (4oz, 6oz) and 2 tealight candles during the workshop! Once you are familiar with basic information, I will guide you through the candle making process. You will be choosing the scent, and making the candles with soy wax. You will be decorating your container candles with dried flowers, which is the part where your creativity kicks in! Various dried flowers will be ready for you to make your own unique soy candles. You will be spending most of the time designing and creating your candles :)

All the candle making equipments and supplies needed will be provided. Plus, I will be taking photos during the workshop, which will be sent to your email after class :)


"My friend and I both had a great time making candles with Hannah! We're both very happy with the scents that we chose, and it was really therapeutic decorating the candles and just enjoying conversation with one another while the wax hardened. I would really recommend this experience to anyone that wants to take home a cute, handmade floral candle."

- H. Kim

"So much fun and a great experience and I can't wait to display my cute candle!"

- K. Lam



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