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When it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your space, few things are as effective as the pleasant scent of a beautifully scented candle. At bluewine studio, we have carefully curated a selection of candle scents that meets a variety of preferences and moods. From the delicate and romantic floral scents to the zesty and refreshing citrus notes, our collection embraces the beauty of nature. For those seeking a sweet and juicy aroma, our fruity scents are sure to delight. Enjoy the freshness of the outdoors with our green fragrances or enticing and comforting gourmand scents. For those who love a touch of warmth, our woody scents create a calming atmosphere. Let's find the scent you love from our scent collection!


Lavender Cloud


Lavender Cloud is a sophisticated blend of rich florals with hints of powder. The natural aromas of lavender complemented with notes of green leaves make it a timeless fragrance, creating a soothing and calming atmosphere.

 candles that pair perfectly with lavender cloud


Rose Petals

fresh white pink roses

As the name suggests, Rose Petals is true to its name. It captures the essence of freshly picked roses. Complemented by ylang ylang and powder with a hint of earthiness, this scent is a romantic choice for any occasion.


candles that pair perfectly with rose petals



Citrus Bomb

lemon slices and green leaf in a cup of water

If you love fresh and vibrant scent, Citrus Bomb is the perfect scent for you. This scent is a fresh mix of bergamot and grapefruit with hints of green tomato leaves and fresh summer herbs. It's like a burst of sunshine, perfect for revitalizing your space!


candles that pair perfectly with citrus bomb



Seoul Pear

pears on fabric

Seoul Pear is a delicately crisp scent of pear blended with a soft scent of cotton blossom. With a touch of lush green scent, it is the perfect fruity sweetness on a breezy day.  

 candles that pair perfectly with seoul pear


Tropical Paradise


Tropical Paradise is a perfect blend of tropical fruits and coconut. A dash of sugar makes it a perfect scent of summer drink with fruity sweetness.


candles that pair perfectly with tropical paradise



Fig & Olive

slices of fig on white plate placed on two books

Fig & Olive is a scent of sun-ripened fig with hints of freesia and ozone. Notes of green leaves and moss complete its woody and floral aromas. 


candles that pair perfectly with fig & olive


Spring Cactus

succulent plant

If you're seeking a lively and fresh scent, Spring Cactus is the perfect choice. It combines the aroma of fresh succulent with hints of sweet agave and watery aloe, creating a vibrant atmosphere.


candles that pair perfectly with spring cactus



Chocolate Crush


Chocolate Crush is a rich gourmand scent of fudge brownie. Hints of vanilla, cream and hazelnut bring the warmth of the scent. It's a comforting choice for cozy evenings during holiday season.


candles that pair perfectly with chocolate crush


Dalgona Coffee

glasses of Dalgona Coffee on a tray

Attention, coffee lovers! Dalgona Coffee is an enticing blend of freshly ground coffee beans and caramel with a spoonful of sugar that resembles a scent of Dalgona. Creamy base notes of milk and vanilla complete its sweetness.


candles that pair perfectly with dalgona coffee


Cinnamon Apple

cinnamon apple slices

Enjoy the cozy scent of Cinnamon Apple. It is a scent of ripe apple with just a touch of spice. Notes of cinnamon and clove make it a unique apple scent.


candles that pair perfectly with cinnamon apple



Malibu Wave

malibu beach

For a refreshing atmosphere, Malibu Wave is a must! It is a clean and ozonic scent that brings a relaxing atmosphere. Notes of fresh ozone and lemon with a hint of sea salt and musk make it a refreshing scent. It's the perfect choice for unwinding and relaxing.


candles that pair perfectly with malibu wave


Oakmoss Amber


Strong notes of oakmoss, amber, and tonka create elegant and deep base of this scent. Hints of citrus, floral, and green notes make it a modern fragrance with universal appeal.


candles that pair perfectly with oakmoss amber




Experience the soothing and calming aroma of Vetiver. It is a sophisticated scent of musk complemented with citrus that creates soothing and calming aroma. 


candles that pair perfectly with vetiver


Explore our collection and discover the perfect fragrance to light up your space ♥

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