Creating an Aesthetic Home: All About Decorative Candles

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Candles have long been cherished for their soft, flickering glow that brings warmth and coziness to any space. While candles serve as functional sources of light, the realm of decorative candles takes this concept to an entirely new level. These captivating creations not only illuminate but also adorn our surroundings with a touch of elegance and artistry. These candles come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs that cater to diverse taste and preferences. Whether you're hosting a lively gathering, adorning your home for the holiday season, or indulging in moments of self-love, decorative candles stand as the versatile touch that elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Types of Decorative Candles

Taper Candles

wavy candle in a vintage ruffle taper candle holder

Taper candles, characterized by their slender and elongated form, are a timeless choice for decorating any setting. Often placed in elegant candle holders, taper candles exude sophistication. These candles come in a multitude of colors and are perfect for formal dinners, romantic evenings, and even as eye-catching centerpieces. As they burn, the soft, flickering light casts an aesthetic atmosphere. 


Pillar Candles

Heart shape candle, crescent moon shape candles, a lit tealight candle in a glass coupe, blue postcard, match box, black heart shape wick dipper, and silver rings on clear beaded tray are place on white drawer. The arrangement exudes minimal aesthetic dreamy vibes

Pillar candles are the epitome of versatility and charm. These candles come in various heights and diameters, making them excellent choice for creating diverse decorative arrangements. What sets pillar candles apart is their potential for intricate designs and patterns. Adorned with textured surfaces and colors, pillar candles are a sight to behold, whether placed on a mantle, a coffee table or a desk. 


Tealight Candles

a lit tealight candle on a clear wavy ruffle dish, starbucks tumbler, pencil , and a lit frosted glass container soy candle on books

Housed in compact metal or plastic cups, tealight candles are designed for both convenience and allure. These candles can be scattered across a table for an aesthetic dinner setting or placed in decorative lanterns for a cozy patio atmosphere. Their compact size makes them perfect, versatile decorative candles. 


Container Candles

5 oz soy container candle

Container candles combine the allure of decorative elements with the convenience. These candles are poured into various containers, such as glass jars, metal tins, or ceramic vessels. The container not only holds the wax but also serves as a canvas for creative designs. With an array of sizes and shapes to choose from, container candles can seamlessly blend with any decor style. They are a wonderful way to infuse your space with fragrance, color, and personality.


Occasions and Beyond

Decorative candles have a remarkable way of transforming various spaces - be it a cozy corner, a casual dinner setting, or a grand celebration. These candles emerge as essential elements in creating ambiance, infusing spaces with warmth, and igniting emotions. Whether you're hosting a lively gathering, adorning your home for the holiday season, or romanticizing everyday life as a form of self-love, decorative candles stand as the versatile touch that elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Party Perfection

natural wine dinner table setting with pillar candles

Parties are celebrations of life's moments, big or small. And what better way to celebrate the party than with the soft glow of decorative candles? Taper candles and pillar candles elegantly perched on table create an air of sophistication, while tealight candles placed across the room creates an aesthetic atmosphere. They add an air of sophistication to weddings and provide an inviting ambiance for gatherings.


Holiday Season

gingerbread wax tablets and muffin candle on wood board

Decorative candles step into the role of artistic ornaments, adorning homes with both light and beauty. During Halloween and Thanksgiving, pillar candles in earthy hues and seasonal scents create a cozy fall atmosphere. Imagine the warm, comforting glow of container candles on a cozy winter night, or the flickering flames of pillar candles forming a path to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Decorative candles during holiday season are must-haves to enhance the celebratory vibe.  


Self-Love Moment

a lit 5 oz soy container candle, iced coffee in a ribbed glass, and five minute journal on white round table

Moments of self-care are essential. Decorative candles become your companions in these personal sanctuaries. The soft radiance of a scented candle can turn a bath into a spa-like retreat, and a flickering flame beside a journal can set the mood. Container candles in calming fragrances create an atmosphere of serenity. These moments of self-love are elevated with decorative candles, reminding you to prioritize yourself.


Decorative candles stand as exquisite pieces to enhance every facet of life. With their unique designs and the warm glow, these candles add a delicate touch to your living space. Our carefully selected home décor pieces and handmade candles harmoniously blend aesthetics with comfort, creating a cozy atmosphere and leading you to moments of self-love. Explore our collection today and join us on a journey of self-love ♥


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