A Guide to Styling Candles

Styling candles at home can be a fun and creative way to enhance the ambiance of your living space. Whether you're aiming for a cozy and rustic feel, a modern and sleek look, or something more eclectic, here are some tips to help you style candles:


Choose Your Candle Companions

pillar candles, a tealight candle, and pink tulips in a fluted vase

The first step in making a captivating candle arrangement is to select the right candles. Consider the size, color, and fragrance of the candles that resonates with your style. Opt for pillar candles, tealight candles, or scented wax depending on your aesthetic. Once you choose your candles, don't be afraid to mix different candle styles and sizes. Grouping candles of various size and heights add depth and visual intrigue to your styling. Odd-numbered grouping often create a pleasing balance. Experiment with combinations to discover a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement. 


Select Appropriate Candle Holders

a wavy taper candle in a vintage ruffle ceramic taper candle holder

Candle holders play an essential role in setting the tone of your arrangement. Experiment with various possibilities such as elegant ceramic holders, minimal clear holders, wooden coasters, or decorative plates. Wooden coasters exude a natural ambiance, while decorative plates offer a touch of sophistication. Choose holders that complement the style you're going for. 


Use Mirrors

ribbed pillar soy candle, jewelry, and a perfume on french style rectangular gold frame mirror

Using mirrors to style candles can create a stunning and visually appealing decor setup. The reflective surface of mirrors can enhance the ambiance of candlelight, making your space feel more inviting. Using other decorative elements like flower petals or small ornaments adds a touch of aesthetic to the arrangement. Whether you're going for a romantic, modern, or eclectic atmosphere, the combination of candles and mirrors can be a creative tool in creating the ambiance you desire.


Consider a Centerpiece

orange roses in a clear vase, cube candle on holographic shell tray, cup of coffee, and laptop on white round table

If you're placing candles on a dining table or a coffee table, consider creating a centerpiece by arranging candles along with other decorative items like vases, flowers, or small sculptures. Place the candles at different heights and intersperse them with the decorative items you've chosen. This symphony of elements creates a focal point that draws eyes. 


Choose a Palette

leaf shape soy pillar candles, heart wick dipper, and lipsitkcs on vanity table

Selecting an appropriate color palette for your candle styling can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. Consider choosing a color palette according to the changing season or special occasions to keep things fresh and exciting. During the fall season, embrace warm and earthy hues like deep orange, warm browns, and golden yellows. For the winter season, consider cool and serene tones such as frosty whites and deep greens. Moreover, if your room has a neutral color palette, you can choose candles in whites or beige tones that complement this neutrality. This creates a harmonious look that ties the entire space together. 


Remember, the key to styling candles at home is to infuse your personal flair into your living space. There are no rigid rules -  let your creativity flow, and experiment until you find a style that resonates with you. So go ahead, curate your candle collection, experiment with arrangements, and let the candles create aesthetic home!


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