Must-Have Amazon Finds for Candle Makers

Starting a candle business is an exciting journey and having top-notch candle making supplies is crucial to your success. As a candle artisan, you'll need an assortment of supplies, including natural waxes, fragrance oils, various molds, pouring pitchers, wicks, and more. Yet, there are additional must-haves that can elevate your candle making experience. In this blog post, we will introduce you to a selection of essential candle making supplies that we found on Amazon. From glass jars to natural jute twine, these essential supplies will help make your candle making process a lot easier!


4 oz Candle Tins

4 oz tins

Various options are available when it comes to candle containers, and candle tins bring a different appeal to customers. These compact and portable tins are ideal for customers who like to carry their candles while traveling. With lids, these sealed tins help preserve the fragrance, ensuring that your candles retain their captivating scent until they are ready to be lit.


5 oz Glass Jars

5 oz glass jars

Whether you're making classic container soy candles or experimenting with various design, glass jars are popular options for many candle makers. We've been receiving so many questions about where we purchased the glass jars for our Cereal Candles, and here is the answer! These 5 oz glass jars have become our top choice for our best-selling candle. The transparency of glass gives customers a clear view of the candle's design, which brings you an opportunity to showcase your unique creations. These yogurt jars are perfect choice for dessert candles or even classic container soy candles for party favors.


Silicone Mats

silicone mats

Candle making process can get messy sometimes, but silicone mats are trusty companions in keeping your worktable clean and safe. Not only do they protect your table from spills and wax drips, but they also provide a non-slip surface, preventing accidents during the candle making process. Easy to clean and maintain, these mats are essential for maintaining a tidy workspace. 


Wooden Candle Wick Holders

wooden candle wick holders

Consistent wick placement is essential for ensuring your candles burn evenly and cleanly. Wooden candle wick holders are essential for keeping your wicks centered and straight during the pouring process, which is crucial for optimal candle performance. 


Metal Candle Wick Holders

metal candle wick holders

Metal candle wick holders are another indispensable tool for candle makers. They serve a similar purpose to wooden wick holders but come with the added benefit of durability and reusability. These holders ensure your wicks remain centered and straight. The holes in the wick holders accommodate different candle vessels and wick sizes, providing precise control over wick placement. 


Stainless Steel Tweezers

stainless steel tweezer

Stainless steel tweezers are an invaluable tool for candle makers, especially when it comes to precise and delicate tasks. These tweezers are perfect for handling wicks, placing decorative elements, or making adjustments during the candle making process. Their fine tips allow for meticulous control, ensuring that your candles turn out just as you envision them. Whether you're putting dried flowers or adding small wax melts to your candles, stainless steel tweezer is a must-have!


4 oz / 8 oz Squeeze Bottles

4 oz squeeze bottles

Candle makers often purchase fragrance oils in large jugs. However, the candle making process becomes significantly more manageable when using squeeze bottles. Achieving the perfect fragrance in your candle demands precision, and these squeeze bottles make the process a lot easier. These bottles come with precise dispensing caps, enabling you to add just the right amount of fragrance oil to your melted wax.


12-Grid Wooden Tray

12-grid wooden tray

If you're using dried flowers or small ornaments into your candle designs, an organizing tray is a must-have! This 12-grid wooden tray not only keeps your materials neatly arranged but also adds a touch of natural aesthetic to your workspace. It makes candle making process easier by ensuring that your decorative elements are readily accessible. 


Marble Tray

marble tray

This marble tray is one of our favorite organizing tools in our studio. It not only adds a touch of minimal aesthetic to your workspace, but also serves as a practical organizing tool for your fragrance oil bottles and other small candle making materials. It keeps everything in one place, making your workspace more efficient. Also, the sleek and polished surface of a marble tray is easy to clean.   


Clear Sticker Paper

clear sticker paper

Candle labels are like the signature of your brand, displaying essential information about your products while adding a professional touch to your candles. Clear sticker paper is an excellent choice for labels because it allows your candle's natural beauty to shine through while displaying all the necessary details, such as scent names and burning instructions. Printing your labels on clear sticker paper offers a seamless, professional appearance that appeals to customers. 


Paper Cutter

paper cutter

Whether you're crafting labels for your candles, creating custom stickers, or adding personalized gift messages, a reliable paper cutter ensures precise and consistent cuts. This attention to detail enhances the overall look of your candles!


Wrapping Tissue Paper

wrapping tissue paper

Wrapping tissue paper is a must-have supply when it comes to candle packaging. This delicate paper comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your candle packaging to match your brand's aesthetic. It can be used to carefully wrap each candle before wrapping them with honeycomb cushioning wrap, adding a layer of protection. By adding an extra layer of wrapping tissue paper, you can leave a lasting impression of thoughtfulness and care. It's a small yet impactful detail that can set your candle business apart and enhance the customer experience. 


Natural Jute Twine

natural jute twine

The final touch to your candle packaging can make all the difference. Natural jute twine adds a natural and eco-friendly element to your gift wrapping. It complements the handmade aesthetic of your candles and enhances the overall presentation. 


For small business owners in the candle making industry, the right supplies are the cornerstone of success. Beyond the candle-related materials there are essential tools like silicone mats and squeeze bottles that streamline the candle making process. Amazon stands as a convenient one-stop shop for small business owners seeking for quality materials. In this blog post, we've highlighted some of our favorite Amazon finds to assist your candle making journey!


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