A Guide to Placing Candles in Your Home

Candles possess a unique ability to transform a space, infuse warmth, and create a cozy atmosphere in any space. From the living room to every corner of your home, the placement of candles can enhance the ambiance. In this blog post, we'll provide you with some inspiring ideas on where to place candles throughout your home.


1. Entryway

Placing candles on shelvesMerry-Go-Round Tealight Candle Holder

As the first impression your home makes, the entryway serves as the perfect spot to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This space sets the tone for the entire experience your guests will have within your home. Begin by selecting decorative pillar candles that not only suit your personal aesthetic but also blend with the overall home decor. Consider the color palette, style, and texture of your entryway. For a sleek and modern entryway, opt for pillar candle with clean lines and minimal design. If you love cozy aesthetics, consider candles with neutral, warm colors.


To add more depth to your candle styling, pair the candles with other decor elements. This could include a decorative mirror hanging above the console table, a vase of fresh flowers, or a tray for small decorative items. The combination of these elements creates a cohesive and curated look, making your entryway feel more inviting.


2. Living Room

Leaf Objet CandleLeaf Objet Candle

The living room is a place for relaxation, socializing and memorable moments. Place a candle that can serve as a centerpiece on the coffee table, end table, or mantel to add a touch of elegance. Opt for a large, scented statement candle that stands out to set the tone for the entire living space, creating a tranquil atmosphere.


Arrange an array of pillar candles in varying heights to create an aesthetic display by the mantel. Opt for candles that resonate with your living room's color scheme. Experiment with different sizes to add depth and dimension, creating a dynamic arrangement.


As a finishing touch, ensure that the chosen scents of your candles complement one another, creating a harmonious fragrance in the living room. Whether you opt for soothing lavender, invigorating citrus, or warm chocolate, the scents should contribute to the overall ambiance and enhance the comfort of the space. By thoughtfully incorporating large centerpieces and creatively displaying pillar candles on the mantel, you'll not only add a touch of elegance to your living room but also create an inviting and memorable environment where every moment become special.


3. Dining Area

Tealight Candle & Daisy Candle Holder Tealight Candles & Daisy Candle Holder

Take your dining ambiance to the next level by incorporating candles into your table setting. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a lively gathering with friends and family, candles add an unparalleled aesthetic touch to the dining experience. For a sophisticated and classic look, consider taper candles as a centerpiece for your dining table. The pairing of taper candles and unique candle holders will add an extra touch of refinement to the table.


To create a cozy atmosphere, scatter tealight candles across the table. Tealights, with their small and unobtrusive size, provide a subtle yet enchanting glow. Place them in small holders or arrange them directly on the table.


4. Bedroom

Irregular Clear TrayIrregular Clear Tray

Transforming your bedroom into a tranquil retreat becomes effortless with the strategic placement of candles on your vanity table, bedside table or shelves. Candles can infuse your personal space with a soothing ambiance that aids relaxation, making them the perfect addition to your nightly routine. Consider placing candles with candle trays on your nightstands, dressers, or on a shelf above your bed. The soft glow of candlelight paired with candle trays creates a calming atmosphere and enhances the aesthetics of your room.


Scented candles add an extra layer of relaxation. Opt for scents like lavender to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Extend the cozy atmosphere by integrating candles into your bookshelves. Mix and match candles with unique trays with your favorite reads to create a personalized look. Whether you seek for relaxation or a cozy reading nook, placing candles with candle trays can transform your personal space into a comforting space. 


5. Bathroom

Cube CandleCube Candle

Elevate your self-care routine by adding candles into your bathroom. Place them on the vanity table or around the edge of the bathtub to create a calming atmosphere. The pleasant fragrance of the candles has the power to turn your daily routine into a rejuvenating experience. Placing candles on mirrors or reflective surfaces can also add depth and a touch of aesthetics to your bathroom decor. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or preparing for the day ahead, the addition of candles in your bathroom creates your self-care moments even more special.


By placing candles throughout your home, you can create an atmosphere that suits every occasion, whether it's a cozy night in, a romantic dinner, or a peaceful self-care moment. Experiment with different candle placements, sizes, and scents to find what resonates best with your aesthetics and personal preferences. Get creative and elevate your everyday experiences with candles! 


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